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3 Retail Foot Traffic Trends To Know Before the Holidays

The biggest shopping season of the year is almost here! 

Whether you’re just beginning your small business journey or you’re a seasoned retailer, you know that the next few months could have a major impact on your bottom line. 

To help you gear up for the holiday season, we’ve put together the inside scoop on what shoppers want this year. Here are three retail foot traffic trends to keep in mind as you make your plan for this holiday season. 

1. Shoppers Are Looking For Deals

During the holiday season, customers are always willing to spend more on gifts and goodies — but this year, they’re also hoping to save big. 

Retail foot traffic trends so far in 2023 reveal that customers are visiting discount retailers more often, showing a growing interest in saving money and finding the lowest prices. 

To make the most of this trend, promote holiday sales that your customers won’t be able to pass up. Here are a few ideas to inspire your planning: 

  • Buy one, get one 50% off deals are always a hit with customers. They feel like they’re taking advantage of huge savings, but a BOGO deal also makes them more willing to spend more than planned. 
  • Offer special gifts for customers who spend over a certain amount at your small business during the holiday season. This deal gives them an enticing reason to spend more at your store instead of a competitor’s, and they feel like they’ve gotten a better value for their money when they receive an additional perk for “free.”
  • Hourly or daily sales are a great way to generate excitement and bring more customers through your door. They’ll be interested in what’s on sale, and creating urgency around your deals is an effective way to customer spending. 

With the holiday season being your busiest time of the year, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools in place to implement discounts like these — and keep your store running as smoothly as possible during your sales. 

Your store’s point of sale system should make it easy to plan and schedule your sales, simplifying the checkout process and creating an easy, convenient experience for your staff and customers. 

2. Shoppers Are Seeking Out Personalized Experiences

Retail foot traffic trends reveal that customers increasingly prefer to shop in-store. In a post-COVID-19 world, shoppers are looking for enriching, in-person experiences. They want to get out of the house, browse brick-and-mortar stores, and make meaningful connections as they shop. 

To take advantage of this retail foot traffic trend, you need to make your store a go-to spot for stellar service, a relaxing customer experience, and a personal touch. Your customers will especially appreciate this during the hectic holiday season.

Leveraging your store’s loyalty program and customer relationship data is an effective way to curate an experience for each of your shoppers. Your POS system’s built-in loyalty program is your best sales partner, offering all the information you need about a customer’s past purchases, shopping habits, and favorite items. 

Understanding each of your customers on this level will help you and your team provide the best possible service and guidance. The added bonus of earning rewards points or special perks as a “thank you” for shopping at your small business also makes your customers feel valued and appreciated, building a stronger connection between them and your brand. 

Here are a few more unique ideas to create a personalized shopping experience for your customers this holiday season: 

  • Create a gift guide. Your customers will appreciate the time you took to make their holiday shopping easier, and they’ll be more likely to cross off their shopping list at your store. 
  • Plan a fun event. Planning a holiday-themed evening or weekend of shopping with special items, big sales, and even snacks and drinks can be an exciting time for your customers — and a great sales opportunity for you. 
  • Plan a giveaway. A giveaway or raffle is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for your customers and encourage them to visit your store. A gift basket is a perfect option for the holiday season. 

3. Customers Are Browsing Online

Even though retail foot traffic trends indicate that customers are visiting physical stores more often, many shoppers still enjoy browsing from the comfort of home. In fact, one in five purchases in 2023 will be made online. 

That’s why it’s so essential to plan your holiday season around your in-person and virtual shoppers

Taking advantage of e-commerce can be a major sales-booster for your store this holiday season. Fortunately, creating an online shop for your small business can be a breeze! With the right tools, you’ll be able to have your webstore up and running in time for the holidays! 

Your POS system should have an e-commerce platform (or integration) that’s easy to set up and seamlessly connects your in-store and online operations, allowing you to track all your sales and inventory in one convenient place. 

How To Make the Most of Retail Foot Traffic Trends This Holiday Season

Offering your customers big savings, a personalized experience, and the option to shop online can help your small business have the most successful holiday shopping season yet. 

To keep your store running smoothly during the busy days leading up to the holidays, it’s also critical to make sure your point of sale system is up to the task. For a successful shopping season, your POS system should include flexible discounts, a built-in customer loyalty program, e-commerce integration, and robust inventory management. 

If you’re looking for a POS system to make this the most successful holiday shopping season yet, check out what Comcash has to offer!

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