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Top 4 POS Systems for Retail in 2023

Opening your own retail store, or is your small business in the market for a new business solution? 

No matter what you’re selling, you’ll need a point of sale (POS) system to consolidate inventory management, checkout, sales analysis, marketing, security, and generally make your life easier. The POS industry is teeming with awesome options, and it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your store. Fortunately, we can help! 

Read on for a comprehensive analysis of some of the top retail POS solutions on the market, complete with pros, cons, and best features. 

Best for Multiple Business Locations: Comcash

Comcash is a cloud-based POS system for retail that specializes in managing multi-location inventory and consolidating many business channels from a single database system. It offers many standard POS features: automatic update capability for price changes and new products, offline operations, e-commerce integration, real-time inventory management and notifications, retail accounting, and procurement management. Comcash also offers a self-service employee time-management platform, accessible to employees on their smartphones. 

Though Comcash’s features may not be as flashy as other POS systems, it stands out amongst competitors because of its reliability, and its ability to support businesses that have multiple locations. So, if you plan to expand and want a POS solution that sets you up for success, seriously consider Comcash as the best fit for you. 

Best for Any Industry: POS Nation

POS Nation, a cloud-based POS system, was built specifically to support retailers. They support a wide spectrum of specialty stores, from liquor and wine shops to lawn and garden centers, guaranteeing that their software will tout features to optimize your small business. POS Nation doesn’t do ‘add-ons’; the features you need are included out of the box. These features are extensive, and include built-in discounting and sales pricing, coupon creation, age verification, hotkeys, inventory management, inventory smart reports and analysis, security, employee management, and more. 

POS Nation is also outfitted to handle multiple storefronts, and offers software add-ons like cloud backup, mobile reporting, and accounting. Remember, no matter what industry your retail business, POS Nation will offer the features you’re looking for. 

Best for Your Wallet: Square 

Square is a unique POS system for retail that touts a zero dollar per month price (plus processing fees). So, what does this mean and what are you getting for your money? 

Notably, Square’s software offers a virtual, easy-to-use terminal that includes a free online store, online checkout, invoices, team management and a customer directory. These basic features will get you pretty far, but to take your business’ marketing to the next level with emails, texts, and a customer loyalty program, you’ll have to pay anywhere between $15 and $45 per feature. Also, keep in mind that since Square doesn’t charge monthly fees for its basic version, payment processing fees will be higher. And, you will have to pay for hardware; so be sure to factor in those additional costs into your budget. Lastly, if you’re interested in leveling up, your price will increase to $29 a month and above. 

Best for Event Hosting: Rain POS

Rain is a cloud-based POS system for retail that allows users to combine in-store and online sales channels. It includes several essential retail features, such as web stores, inventory management, payment processing, service and repair tracking, rentals, and consignment management. It also sends auto-notifications to clients for service reminders, order tracking, invoice reminders, and more. 

One of Rain’s more unique features is that it enables your small business to host classes and events. It allows customers to sign up for these events online and in your store, and also tracks registration. The brand building doesn’t stop there, though: Rain has a built-in marketing suite for email and text message marketing; you can send automated emails to customers regarding top-selling products, new releases, and even birthday coupons. 

Rain POS does have a few downsides, though – reviews indicate that the user interface is not always easy to use, and is not necessarily intuitive. Though this can be a big drawback, as it will cost you time, Rain does have terrific customer service who will likely be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Best POS System for Your Retail Store 

You probably have a good idea of which POS system would be the best fit for your retail store. However, there is one last factor to consider. You likely have big dreams for your business’ success: Growth, expansion, maybe even another storefront. And when your business achieves that success, you will want to have chosen a POS system that can grow with your retail store. 

That’s where Comcash comes in. Using the industry frontrunner in servicing multiple storefronts and inventory locations is a great way to make sure you can grow your business seamlessly and organically. If you anticipate your business reaching that next step, schedule a demo today with our team!

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