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4 Comcash Updates Coming for Retailers in 2024

Imagine handling transactions from anywhere in your store, effortlessly updating your inventory, and offering pricing options that cater to your sales strategy — all with a few taps on your screen. 

Luckily, this year’s Comcash updates are designed to make these scenarios not just possible, but pleasantly simple. The result? A smoother, smarter, and more intuitive experience for retailers and customers.

Let's explore the exciting changes (and their benefits!) that will help you take your retail business to the next level in 2024.


Mobile POS Launch on All-in-One Payment Terminal

With this new Comcash update, you’re no longer tied down to a static point of sale (POS) system. 

The Comcash mobile POS app, housed in a touchscreen mobile payment device, provides an integrated retail management solution that fits in the palm of your hand. Outfitted with a responsive scanner and a robust payment processing system for credit cards and gift cards, this all-in-one tool streamlines operations, so you can conduct transactions anywhere on the sales floor. The seamless integration of this device offers retailers the freedom to move about their business and engage with customers on a more personal level.

But the benefits of this feature extend beyond transaction processing; it's fully integrated with Comcash's extensive suite of features, including sales data, customer management, and inventory control. This means updates to inventory and customer profiles are reflected in real time throughout the system, providing a cohesive and comprehensive retail management experience. You can also suspend and resume a transaction at the register, and easily handle returns, voids, and email receipts. 

Connectivity is key in retail, and the ability to connect to both Wi-Fi and cellular data (through a third-party provider) means that your sales capability isn't confined to the walls of your store. Benefits of this mobility include:

  • Line busting: Keep checkout lines moving quickly by completing transactions over Wi-Fi while customers are still in line.
  • Outdoor sales: Expand your sales footprint to the parking lot or sidewalk with either Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.
  • Delivery payment collection: Collect payments on delivery in real time with a cellular connection.
  • Bulky item orders: Manage large or bulky item orders without the need for your customers to come inside (think: outdoor equipment at a garden center or landscape supply).

Whether you’re inside the store or out, this Comcash update means business flows where you do, so you can engage customers wherever they are and provide them with swift, professional, and personal service.


Add New Items From the POS Register

The retail landscape is dynamic, with new products hitting the floor and special items coming in for limited runs — and there's always that moment when an unlisted item makes its way to the checkout. This can cause delays and even a touch of awkwardness as you ask your customer to wait. But with the latest Comcash update, this little hiccup is a non-issue.

The ability to add new items directly from the POS register is a solution every retailer has likely wished for at one point or another. Luckily, you no longer have to interrupt a customer's checkout experience to manually enter items or access a separate system to log a new SKU — you can add the item from your POS register. Simply enter the product description and set a price; you can even associate the item with an existing department or category.

The benefits of direct inventory additions don’t stop at uninterrupted sales, though. This feature also offers real-time inventory control. As soon as you add the new item, it becomes part of your inventory tracking. Stock numbers adjust, sales data reflects the addition, and you can immediately strategize around this new item's performance. It's all happening live, so you have minute-to-minute oversight of your store's stock levels.

This is ideal for businesses that deal with a high volume of unique or constantly changing inventory, such as clothing boutiques or garden centers. It empowers employees, eliminates friction points, and keeps things professional and polished from the customer's perspective.

This Comcash update also erases the need to dive into complicated back end systems, which could be intimidating for the less tech-savvy among your team. Everyone on your staff, with just a brief overview of the process, can confidently manage this aspect of inventory. This way, you can delegate more freely and trust that your stock records are accurate and up to date.

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Dual Pricing

Businesses are always on the lookout for new ways to please customers and boost their bottom line. That's why the latest Comcash update — dual pricing — is such a welcome addition.

So, what is dual pricing, and how can it benefit both your store and your customers? Simply put, dual pricing (or cash discounting) is a way for businesses to offer a lower price to customers who pay with cash instead of credit cards — and there are many benefits.

With dual pricing, you can:

  • Reduce credit card processing fees: Each time a customer swipes a card, there's a fee that you, the merchant, must pay. It may seem insignificant on a case-by-case basis, but these fees quickly add up. By offering dual pricing, you encourage more customers to pay with cash, reducing the number of card transactions and the associated fees. Every penny saved is a penny earned — and this is especially true for high-volume businesses where the savings can be substantial.
  • Pass on savings to customers: Offering a dual pricing option saves your customers money. In a time when everyone is cost-conscious, presenting an option to save some cash is a surefire strategy to boost customer satisfaction. It's also an excellent way to build trust, as customers appreciate transparent practices that have tangible financial benefits.
  • Stand out from competitors: Implementing a dual pricing system can differentiate your business from others that don't offer such savings. It gives you a unique selling proposition, especially in communities with a high preference for cash transactions. Plus, it can become a word-of-mouth highlight — customers telling other potential customers about the savings they can get at your store.
  • Improve cash flow: Cash on hand is better than pending payments. The immediacy of cash transactions improves your cash flow, meaning you have on-the-spot funds to restock inventory, pay expenses, or handle emergencies. This financial agility is a substantial operational benefit for businesses of all sizes.

Typically, adopting new pricing strategies involves complex system adjustments. But with the introduction of dual pricing in Comcash's system, setting up is as user-friendly as it gets. The feature is seamlessly integrated into your POS, so applying the discount doesn't require any manual computation or record-keeping from your side — the system handles it all.


Work Orders and Repair Orders

Imagine owning a bike shop where you offer repairs and maintenance services. Usually, managing a flood of service requests can be quite a juggle. You're tracking whose bicycle is due for a tune-up, which parts you need to order for that custom job, and you’re constantly updating customers on their work order status — often across multiple systems or possibly even a paper trail. But with the new Comcash update, this is all streamlined.

This feature means that when a customer comes in needing a repair, you can instantly create a work order straight from the POS terminal. You input what services are required, the expected timeframe, and any special notes about the job. And the best part? All of this information is stored and tracked in the Comcash system. No more scribbled notes or misplaced files — just a clean, efficient digital paper trail.

You can also create custom fields, so you can organize work orders in unlimited ways — and then use that data in work order report lists.

This update can save you hours each week on administrative tasks, reduce human error, and allow you to provide even better customer service. By having work orders digitized and centralized within your point of sale system, you’re upgrading your capacity for organization and communication — two pillars of a successful retail business.


Gear Up for 2024 With These New Comcash Updates

The future of retail looks promising, thanks to the upcoming Comcash updates. These enhancements are proof of an ongoing commitment to empower retailers like you with tools that simplify, streamline, and improve the day-to-day running of your business.

Keep an eye out for these updates throughout 2024!

And if you’re looking to amp up your inventory management efforts even further, check out our guide — Mastering Retail Inventory Management: A Detailed Guide for Small Business Owners — for some expert tips and tricks.

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