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Top 4 Cloud Retail POS Software Options in 2024

Nothing stays the same — and that includes the retail landscape.

It’s constantly evolving, and to stay ahead, you need to embrace the latest retail technology.

Luckily, staying up to date with the latest trends is easier than ever. Your first step? Invest in cloud retail point of sale (POS) software. This is a must-have for retailers looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive and connected world. 

Let’s explore what cloud retail POS software is, how it can help your business, and our four industry-specific picks for top providers in 2024.


What Is Cloud Retail POS Software?

First things first: What is cloud retail POS software? Simply put, it’s a modern spin on the traditional point of sale system; it harnesses the power of the internet to store and process data on remote servers, or "the cloud." 

This innovative approach means you can access important business information — like inventory levels, sales reports, and customer preferences — from any device with an internet connection, offering incredible flexibility and real-time insights. 

The benefits are clear. With cloud retail POS software, you can:

  • Ensure data security with regular backups and automatic updates, reducing the risk of data loss and costly downtime.
  • Scale your business effortlessly by accommodating new products and expanding operations — without the need for significant infrastructure investment.
  • Connect to other business tools, like e-commerce platforms and accounting software, to create a cohesive ecosystem that streamlines multiple facets of your business.

The result is a more efficient, responsive, and customer-centric retail operation that can adapt quickly to market changes and consumer needs.

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Top 4 Cloud Retail POS Software Providers

Now that you know what cloud retail POS software is, it’s time to explore the best providers on the market. Here’s a list of our top picks, organized by industry:


Markt POS

Best for: specialty markets and small grocery stores

Markt POS is a point of sale solution catering to specialty markets and small grocery stores. This cloud retail POS software offers a basketful of features that cater specifically to the unique needs of the grocery industry, including: 

  • Integration with grocery e-commerce platforms, to enable store owners to seamlessly manage both in-store and online sales 
  • Self-checkout features, to speed up the checkout process and offer a more convenient experience to customers
  • Bulk sales by weight or size, to streamline operations for stores selling produce by the pound
  • Electronic shelf tag integration, to make price updates a breeze and ensure that shelf prices are always up to date with the POS system

In every aisle and checkout lane, Markt POS provides the tools to keep grocery operations running smoothly — which is why it’s the perfect choice for grocers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Pricing: Markt POS offers a custom quote via their website.


Bottle POS

Best for: liquor and wine stores

Bottle POS is a standout choice for liquor store owners looking for a top cloud retail POS software provider. With intuitive inventory tracking, store owners can maintain a meticulous account of their stock — from the rarest whiskey to the most popular vodka — ensuring that their shelves are always stocked with customer favorites. 

Other features include:

  • Age verification software, to streamline the checkout process and maintain regulatory compliance — without causing delays for customers awaiting their purchases
  • Automated ranking, to stay in-the-know about bestsellers and slow-movers
  • Automated invoicing, to automatically add and update inventory upon arrival
  • Dual pricing capabilities, to create an incentive for cash transactions and potentially increase store margins

With Bottle POS, liquor store owners can operate more efficiently, reduce loss through pinpoint inventory management, and provide a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers coming back. 

Pricing: Bottle POS offers a custom quote via their website.


Cigars POS

Best for: tobacco stores

Cigars POS is a top contender in cloud retail POS software for tobacco store owners, with its specialized features designed specifically for the unique needs of the tobacco industry. Harnessing the power of the cloud, Cigars POS enables store owners to easily access and manage their business from any device, ensuring efficiency and flexibility.

This software also features:

  • Robust inventory ranking tools, to effortlessly track stock levels and ensure that bestselling items are always available
  • Age verification software, to protect your business and your customers
  • Carton-pack inventory tracking, to sell individual items from packs, cases, and cartons with ease
  • Scan-data reporting, to track discounts from manufacturers and produce a tobacco scan data report for rebates

Through these tailored solutions, Cigars POS delivers an exceptional balance of industry-specific functionality and cloud-based convenience, making it an excellent choice for today's tobacco retailers.

Pricing: Cigars POS offers a custom quote via their website.



Best for: everything else!

Comcash is the premier cloud retail POS software provider for all industries — everything from clothing boutiques to hardware stores to garden centers. It offers a comprehensive solution characterized by robust support and security features, designed to instill trust and reliability in retail store owners. 

With Comcash, retailers can benefit from: 

  • A streamlined checkout process, to enhance customer throughput and sales efficiency 
  • Multi-location support, to scale your small business — without the headache of managing separate systems 
  • A customizable loyalty program, to create personalized shopping experiences that foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business
  • E-commerce integration, to easily sync in-store and online sales
  • …and so much more!

By addressing the specific challenges faced by retailers and providing practical, easy-to-use solutions, Comcash secures its place as a top recommendation for anyone in the retail space.

Pricing: Get a custom quote via our website.


Get Started With the Best Cloud Retail POS Software This Year

There you have it: the top cloud retail POS software options in 2024, each with its unique, industry-specific features. These platforms are at the forefront of the POS technology wave, offering reliability, convenience, and efficiency.

Choosing the right POS system is more than just a business decision — it's a partnership with a provider that understands the pulse of your industry and can grow alongside your venture. 

So, when deciding which direction to go, consider what aligns best with your business goals, operational style, and customer experience aspirations — investing in the right cloud retail POS software could be your next best step towards future-proofing your retail establishment.

To get started with a comprehensive point of sale solution that can level up your retail operations, schedule a demo with one of our industry experts today.

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